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Kinderzahnarzt Haidhausen - Zagrean versteht sich in Psychologischer Kinderführung

Behaviour management for children

To create a solid foundation for healthy teeth and to give appropriate consideration to the special sensibilities of children, the treatment of our little patients is based on a thorough psychological understanding. A large dose of empathy, peaceful surroundings and long-term trust-building all help your children relax and feel comfortable in our pediatric dental office in Haidhausen. Our behavioural guidance during appointments is completely tailored to the individual needs of your child. To be able to do that, Dr. med. dent/ MBA Zagrean undertook advanced training in psychology.

The friendly atmosphere of our space, the great toys and the magical environment and tools that we use in our treatments guarantee that your children feel comfortable here and leave the pediatric dental office with positive memories.

Regular check-ups for healthy children’s teeth

We all learn at a young age that we need to keep the teeth we are born with for as long as we possibly can. That is what makes regular visits to the pediatric dental office Haidhausen at Max-Weber-Platz especially important. We recommend your child comes to see us every six months for a check-up. We take a careful look at those hopefully already healthy teeth, check oral hygiene and give cleaning tips. During preventive check-ups we do not just think about protecting against cavities but also pay close attention to teeth and jaw positioning to make sure everything is lined up properly.

Backed by our in-depth knowledge of child psychology, we approach the first few dentist visits in a relaxed and playful manner so your children feel at home and have good memories of their visit here.

Kinderzahnarzt Haidhausen - Zagrean - Leistungen - Prophylaxe

Prevention and dental care for children

Dental cleaning

Professional teeth cleaning for children is part of good preventive practice and will help them keep their teeth for as long as possible. Hard and soft plaque as well as deposits are removed, interdental spaces are cleaned, discolouration is removed, surfaces are polished and then they are given a fluoride treatment. A dental sealant on the teeth can also help prevent cavities.

Taking good care of your teeth at home combined with the right cleaning techniques is absolutely essential for children’s teeth. In the wonderful atmosphere of the pediatric dental office Haidhausen your children will learn everything they need to know about proper teeth cleaning and care. By purposely “colouring” their teeth we show them where they can improve their brushing techniques and give them individual tips and tricks.

In addition to oral hygiene and regular prevention, a healthy diet is also important for a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums.

Eating and drinking habits start early and have a big impact on the overall well-being of your teeth. We offer your child a tailor-made nutrition consultation so they can recognise on their own which food is good for their teeth. This gives your child a chance to learn how to eat well, while having fun at the same time.

For removable braces it is very important to clean both the braces and the teeth after eating so that little bits of food do not get left behind. Fixed braces are attached directly to the teeth, which in turn requires special attention when taking care of your teeth. Bits of food easily get caught in the braces and cause plaque. At the pediatric dental office Haidhausen at Max-Weber-Platz we show children how to clean their teeth, how to get between the teeth and how to remove plaque despite having braces. This will ensure that your child’s teeth are not just straight after the removable / fixed braces are taken off, but also clean!

What makes us special? We love children, and our appreciation of child psychology in everything we do helps them not just to feel at home here, but also want to come again. At the pediatric dental office Haidhausen we lay the foundation for a lifetime of healthy teeth.

Kinderzahnarzt Haidhausen - Zagrean - Leistungen - Versiegelung

Sealants – protecting your teeth from decay

Bits of food and plaque can get caught in the tiny grooves of the chewing surfaces of your teeth and cause decay. We advise to seal your teeth with a ceramic mixture after a thorough cleaning. This protects your teeth over the long term from decay and makes dental care a bit easier. The sealant prevents teeth against chewing surface decay and is recommended by many dentists.

Fillings – when children’s teeth have cavities

If your child gets cavities, they have to be dealt with. The holes are not just painful, the damage can also affect the teeth that come in later. Baby teeth are just placeholders for adult teeth and are important in the proper development of the jaw. If a baby tooth is missing, it influences the way the jaw bone grows – possibly resulting in a misaligned jaw and bite.

If only the outer tooth enamel is affected, a fluoride varnish may be enough to protect the enamel from acids. If the decay has gone deeper, the rotten bits need to be removed and the hole needs to be filled. Using playful and child-friendly explanations, relaxation techniques, an atmosphere of trust and empathy, and a bit of distraction and imagination, we will make sure your little ones feel at ease in the dentist’s chair.

Kinderzahnarzt Haidhausen - Zagrean - Leistungen - Milchzahnkronen

Baby teeth crowns for heavy decay

If tooth decay cannot be handled with a filling because the baby tooth is already too damaged, then we use baby teeth crowns at the pediatric dental office Haidhausen. By restoring the teeth we allow them to do their job of chewing and holding the space for adult teeth. For posterior teeth we use medically approved stainless steel crowns.

Baby teeth endodontics

If the nerves in a baby tooth are sore or inflamed, the damaged part of the nerve has to be removed. If the baby tooth is already dead, then a root canal treatment is necessary. After the root canal treatment, we put a crown on the tooth. That allows the tooth to continue doing its job as a placeholder for adult teeth.

Kinderzahnarzt Haidhausen - Zagrean - Leistungen - Hypnose bei Kindern

Hypnosis for children

Dr. med. dent/ MBA Beatris Zagrean is trained in child hypnosis

Hypnosis techniques can be an effective way of creating an atmosphere during the dentist appointment that is free from anxiety and pain for our little patients. Dr. med. dent/ MBA Beatris Zagrean – at the pediatric dental office Haidhausen at Max-Weber-Platz – is trained in paediatric hypnosis and uses psychological guidance techniques to relax and calm children who have anxiety about the dentist. In a soothing tone, she will create a story and take your child on a journey of imagination. Every child needs something different, so Dr. med. dent/ MBA Beatris Zagrean uses magic instruments such as relaxation balls or a magic wand depending on their individual needs. This helps her create an atmosphere of calmness and distraction, so your child feels comfortable and has good memories of the dentist.

Local anaesthesia

To make sure your child is relaxed and experiences as little pain as possible, we use local anaesthesia to briefly shut down the pain signals coming from a tooth. And so the tooth reparation is not too uncomfortable for your little one, we have what we call “tooth marmalade” – a local anaesthetic gel with fruit flavour that gets rubbed into the gums.

Kinderzahnarzt Haidhausen - Zagrean - Leistungen - Lachgasbehandlung

Laughing gas as a way to calm children

Administering laughing gas is a gentle and highly controllable way to pacify children while keeping them fully conscious. The nitrous oxide-oxygen mixture is dosed according to your child’s needs and is inhaled through a special nose mask. Immediately after the first couple of breaths, your child will already feel the effects. Pain sensations are dulled slightly and the gag and swallowing reflexes are reduced, but so-called defensive reflexes remain.

Sedation for children – avoid dental fear

Sedation is another option for ensuring that your child’s visit to the dentist is free of anxiety. Our experienced anesthesiologists measure out and administer a liquid sedative that induces a twilight state and greatly reduces feelings of fear. It also has another advantage: Your child will not  remember the visit, which means they will not be afraid of the dentist’s office for their next appointment. Even after treatment, your child is monitored by the anesthesiologist until all defensive reflexes are intact again.

Kinderzahnarzt Haidhausen - Zagrean - Leistungen - Narkose

General anesthesia – supervising by anesthesiologist

We use narcosis when it comes to complex teeth cleaning processes, whether your child is really frightened or just a bit nervous. G.A. is only administered and monitored by a trained professional anesthesiologist.

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